The Sudoku Challenge

The Sudoku Challenge 10.1

The Japanese numbers puzzle that drives everyone mad
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Are you a fan of puzzles? You are not a genius at math but like playing with numbers?Then get ready to enjoy the most amazing numbers puzzle ever invented!
The Sudoku Challenge, is an ideal game for those who like reasoning and showing their skills. The ancient Japanese game consists of a 9x9 grid which you will need to fill in with numbers using logic and reasoning. This challenge game has kept the entire puzzle lovers perplexed! Once you try it, you will become an addict. This game has successfully replaced simple crosswords in magazines and newspapers.
You must fill the board with the classic 1-9 number tiles. However, notice that the same number may only occupy each row, column and quadrant. Once all the numbers are placed without matching conflicts - YOU WIN! The game can be adjusted to four difficulty levels, but in case you need a clue, you can have access to a pencil mark tool that will offer suggestions. Do not be mean! Allow the whole family to compete and see who becomes the sudoku master!

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  • Fun is warranted


  • Once you try it, you will become an addict !!
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